Ana Gonzalez
InnerCat Music Group Managing Partner Ana Gonzalez has consistently elevated clients to stratospheric heights by utilizing technology to accelerate artistry. In the past twelve months alone, she has helped guide the Miami-based full-service music technology company into an independent haven for artist development and a career launchpad. Recently, she was recognized as one of Billboard’s 2021 Indie Power Players.

She oversaw the company as its managed catalog activity exploded over 100% to 22.75 billion streams to date. On the InnerCat Multi Channel Network, total views blossomed 22% to 14.7 billion (an increase of 3.3 billion), and total watch hours burgeoned by 21% to 1.2 billion with a $6.77 CPM across the network.

Ana ignited the success of various artists as well. Jamby El Favo popped off with 100 million views for “Hoy”, trending on YouTube in 11 countries for three weeks, attracting 2.6 million subscribers, and becoming one of the year’s first VEVO DSCVR artists. She and the team uplifted Joao Napoli with 29,000 new subscribers in just three days through an all-encompassing and highly reactive digital campaign. Other recent successes include InnerCat Music Group’s development of a proprietary video player to broadcast virtual on-demand concerts while serving sponsor ads from a private ad network. They utilized it for a Gilberto Santa Rosa Christmas concert, attracting 500,000 viewers.

Her personal story is inspiring. She learned from her dad who brought the family from Cuba to the U.S. and made an indelible mark on the global music industry. Ana clings to the same disruptive spirit of innovation. With her at the helm, InnerCat Music Group distinguishes itself as one of the first companies to implement multinational practices on an independent level. They are a Spotify Platinum Preferred Partner and Google Partner for Video and Display Advertising, have customized responsive music marketing applications, and built an OTT video on-demand platform with over 120k paid subscribers.

Ana is a proud member of She Is The Music and an active participant on their first-ever Latin Committee.