Jose Luis Sevillano
Born in Madrid, Engineer in Telecommunication for the Technical University of Madrid and Master on Business Administration for the Instituto de Empresa. He has developed his professional career in the area of the information technologies, working from 1984 in different consulting companies of telecommunications and computer science.

From 1994, year in which he began to work in AIE (Spanish Collecting Society for performer’ rights), he has been fully dedicated to the application of these advances to the management of the intellectual property rights of performers. He has taken active part in the development of IPD and VRDB, the two databases most advanced in the international management of rights.

In 1999 he becomes AIE's General Manager. This Society has reached the consideration as one of most developed in worldwide, with largest number of active bilateral agreements, and certified in ISO Quality standard 9001 since 2001. He also has a strong aim in the push and unfolding of the rights in the Latin-American countries. He is a member of different Committees of the main international organizations of societies of artists SCAPR, and arranges these activities, with the participation in groups of experts in Telecommunications and its links with DRM contents and systems.

He chaired the presidency of IPDA (International Performers' Database Association) from 2009 to 2011. Currently, he is member of SCAPR Board since 2012, and chairs the Information Technology Committee (ITC) from its foundation in 2011.