Ivonne Galez
Armed with an incredible inner strength and a compelling voice that commands the attention of everyone around her, multi-talented singer-songwriter and artist Ivonne Galaz glows like the brightest star in the night sky, and she’s quickly ascending as a luminous figure in the male-dominated regional urban music scene. Born in Ciudad Obregón, Mexico, the rising sensation began her musical journey at the age of seven, when she was given her first guitar. Drawing the greatest inspiration from her mother, who always encouraged her to hone her musical talents, as well as the late regional Mexican legend Jenni Rivera, by the time she turned 13, Galaz was performing live throughout her natal city, enchanting restaurant patrons with her unique take on the traditional Sierreña and banda styles and the beloved corridos of Tito Torbellino. A lifelong admirer of 2Pac and King Von, Galaz’s passion for telling raw, authentic stories shines through her work, so it’s no surprise that the gritty tunes that characterize the groundbreaking corridos tumbados genre immediately caught her ear when she heard Natanael Cano’s “El de La Codeína” for the first time. Shortly after her introduction to the regional-trap fusion, she met Rancho Humilde CEO Jimmy Humilde, who gave her the opportunity to record the first song she ever wrote, “Golpes De La Vida,” with Cano, who then included it on his 2019 EP “Mi Nuevo Yo.” The explosive single officially launched Galaz’s career, emphatically announcing her entry into the regional urban scene, and has since become her most streamed video on YouTube, garnering over 2.1 million views. Channeling the unconventional glamor and enigmatic soul of global icon Billie Eilish, Galaz is quickly emerging as an extraordinary role model for young women around the world, boldly challenging the stereotypes that female artists in regional urban music have come to be defined by and shattering expectations with her rich vocals, honest lyrics, and unique fashion sense. She is also a tremendously fierce defender of women’s rights and further demonstrated her dedication to the fight against femicide when she released a stunning tribute to Vanessa Guillén, the U.S. Army soldier who was slain by a male soldier last year. Although she is forever marked by her mother’s untimely death, Galaz continues to exhibit remarkable resilience, triumphing in exceptional ways while continuing to pursue—and achieve—her greatest dreams. Determined to pave the way for women in the regional urban scene, she became Rancho Humilde’s first female signee, joining a superstar roster of revolutionary artists including Cano, Junior H and Ovi, and in November 2020, she released her impressive debut single “A Mi Modo (My Way),” which was the label’s first solo release by a female artist. On the brink of turning 18, Galaz is currently preparing to release her first studio album via Rancho Humilde titled “Voy En Camino,” on which she boasts full writing credits. The album promises to solidify her position as a leading female voice in the regional urban market and usher in an exciting new phase for the chart-topping genre.