Ana Bárbara
Ana Bárbara is one of the few Mexican singer songwriters to achieve recognition at an international level. Her talent and charisma have transcended the Mexico and United States borders and have reached thousands of fans all across Latin America. Throughout her more than 20 years of artistic career.

About Ana Bárbara:

-She is currently promoting "Mi Corazón", a song written by herself and performed Bronco, a legendary Mexican in band. Which with only 3 weeks of its release, the single have reached the top places of popularity. Almost 3 million views on YouTube and a couple million on digital platforms.

-In 2019, Ana released another song of his composition “Que poca” a song that reached the top 15 on Billboard and 17 million views on YouTube. She won “Best female artist” in the las edition of Premios de la Radio.

-Ana Bárbara has not only stood out for her beauty and her voice but also as a song writer.

- “Solos” is her most recent success, sang as duet with Christian Nodal, was released in November 2018, and it has already become a Mexican music classic over passing 10 million views on Spotify, and 42 million in Youtube and receiving several nominations in Premios Lo Nuestro 2020

-Crowned as “La Reina Grupera" (The grupero Queen), Ana Bárbara has achieved this status due to her unique vocal range, described as one of the most emblematic voices in Mexican music, and the constant search for originality in her attire. She started her career in 1993 when she won the “Rostro del Heraldo de México” award, an event that allowed her to release her first record in 1994. This record, titled "Ana Bárbara", represented the first gold record recognition for this artist that has a total of 10 studio releases to her name.

-Ana Bárbara has thrived as an artist not only because of her voice and beauty, but also because she is a very talented song writer. Her most recent hit “Solos”, which she performs in a duet with Christian Nodal, was released in November of 2018 and has already become a Mexican music classic, amassing more than 2.7 million streams in less than 3 weeks.

-For more than 20 years she has touched the hearts of millions with her style and powerful voice, selling millions of copies of her albums and writing more than 60 hits, including "Lo Busqué", "Fruta Prohibida" and "Quise Olvidar" amongst others.

-16 of her singles have reached billboard magazine’s "Hot Latin Tracks" chart, 14 in the "Latin Regional Mexican Airplay" chart, 3 in the "Pop Latin AirPlay" chart, and one in the "Tropical Latina AirPlay" of the renowned publication. A few of the highlights among the many recognitions that she has received include, 5 Latin GRAMMY nominations, 1 Latin GRAMMY award in the "Best Grupero Album" category (for the album “Loca De Amar”) , 4 "Lo Nuestro" awards, 7 "Furia Musical" awards, and one nomination for the american GRAMMY awards.

-In 1998, she released a record produced by Marco Antonio Solís, gaining a lot of popularity with the song “Cómo Me Haces Falta”, a famous track immortalized by “Los Bukis”.

-In 2005 she released “Loca de Amor”, a record that cemented her stardom and earned her a Latin GRAMMY award in the "Best Grupero Album" category.

-In 2012 she wrote the songs "Vete" for artist Maria Jose, "Alma Perdida" for the TV series "Mujeres Asesinas" and "Nube Viajera" for the group Los Elegidos. The same year, her song "Dos Abrazos" was selected as the main track for the movie "Border Run" starring Sharon Stone.

-In 2013, she released the record titled “Yo Soy La Mujer”, which included the main theme of the prime-time Telemundo novela “Marido en Alquiler”.

-She is currently promoting her most recent hit “Solos”, a single that is part of her most recent release also titled “Solos”, a very successful album embraced by the fans and the critics.

-One of the most significant episodes of Ana Bárbara’s life, a place in time that revealed her fighting and persistent personality, was during a visit to the Vatican where she was attending a mass officiated by the pope; The Mexican singer never thought in her wildest dreams that she would have an opportunity like this, so she decided to seize the moment. Full of courage, she interrupted the mass and she introduced herself to the Holy Father, she told him that she was Ana Bárbara, that she was Mexican and the wanted to sing! And she sang for him! The pope blessed her and wished her luck.