Elena Rose
Channeling the timeless charisma of Marilyn Monroe and the distinguished insight of a songwriter well beyond her years, Elena Rose (Andrea Elena Mangiamarchi) is a sensitive and passionate storyteller who finally spread her wings in 2020 as a solo artist. Born in Miami, FL, and raised between Venezuela and Puerto Rico, music was always an unwavering constant in Elena’s life, with her love blooming for the expressive art at an early age thanks to her musical mother and grandmother. She picked up the unique flavor of each place she called home, admiring the songbooks of the world’s most legendary artists. The iconic crooning of Frank Sinatra, the sweet bachata of Juan Luis Guerra, the dynamic rhythms of salsa singer Ismael Rivera, and the fiery flow of female reggaeton pioneer Ivy Queen all captured her attention, instilling in her a deep appreciation for a variety of genres and styles that would eventually trickle into her own work years later. “I think that’s what I love about music, when I get to explore different cultures and different sounds,” she says. “It’s so intriguing because I feel like I’m part of them all.” Driven by the innate need to communicate her deepest thoughts and emotions, Elena’s natural aptitude for writing seamlessly carried the young star from penning eloquent poetry to crafting her own songs. After first falling in love with performing as a child, by the time she was 19, she realized that the music industry was where she needed to build her career, and following in the inspiring footsteps of her grandfather, a self-made businessman, she courageously left the security of her family in Venezuela to head back to Miami and pursue her own dreams.

“There’s a very important dream behind my music,” she says, “and that’s to be able to touch people.” Indeed, as she begins her career as a fully-fledged solo artist, Elena will be doing just that. She is preparing to deliver new music created with an intuitive yet direct approach that will empower and inspire her listeners while dropping a heaping dose of fierce attitude and refreshing confidence. Her debut single, “Sandunga,” is all about having fun, letting go, and embracing the joy that comes in savoring life’s simplest moments.