Nathy Peluso
Argentine songwriter, singer, rapper Nathy Peluso aims to provoke. On her bold debut 'Calambre,' the Barcelona-based, Argentine-born performer, shows off her stylistic versatility, including sharp hip hop, sleek retro R&B, even a modern take on old-school salsa. Nathy’s latest single "Delito” has accumulated more than 85 Million streams and fans across the globe, including the one & only Cardi B, flipping the male gaze in her video and supporting female empowerment in her lyrics. Peluso released an official live performance of her single "Delito" on Stephen Colbert's #PlayAtHome series. This followed two Latin Grammys nominations including "Best New Artist" and "Best Alternative Song" and her "Bzrp Music Sessions Vol. 36" collaboration which went viral and now has accumulated over 375 million total streams. Nathy Peluso thrives at creating characters and easily code switching between styles, genres and languages. Visceral and vulnerable, sexy yet nonconforming, onstage and online, Nathy’s passion and unique sensibilities are charming fans all over the world.